My name is Kelsey and this is how MS DOGTAG started.

My brother Kobie started selling dog tags when he was 12 years old and his company was called DogTagsRus.  Kobie sold dog tags through high school until he entered the US Navy.  During high school Kobie secured several dog tag machines or Graphotype machines to help him make tags.  When he entered the US Navy he gave me one Graphotype machine to get me started and passed the dog tag business on to me.

I needed a Graphotype machine of my own so I started looking for one to purchase.  I found one online and I went to buy the machine for myself – below are the photos of that day.


My dad drove me out to the sellers house and she took me to the barn where the machine was being stored.


I inspected the machine and asked if we could plug it in so I could run the machine to make sure it was in working order.


I finished inspecting the machine and the owner and I started negotiating on the price.

IMG_0564_e1Once we settled on a price it was time to pay for the machine with all my one’s and fives.

IMG_0568_e1After paying for the machine I asked the owner “Are we Square” – and we shook on the deal.

IMG_0573_e1Here I am with my first ever Graphotype Dog Tag machine that I purchased on my own.

IMG_0579_e1Ready to make tags

IMG_0577_e1Once I get it off the trailer !!!